Bodywell Chip

The dangers of cellphone radiation are under ongoing scientific investigation. Bodywell helps by countering radiation absorption in the first place. Bodywell is an external chip that is designed with your convenience and mobility in mind. Imprinted with natural properties, using a patent-pending technology, the chip is scientifically-proven (iPhone test & iPad test) to substantially reduce cellphone radiation without interfering with your cellphone’s signal. The properties and imprint method are patent-pending.

From its sleek size—hardly larger than a SIM card—to its easy peel-and-place application, the Bodywell chip fits directly on any phone of any size. No added accessories, chargers or specially-designed cases needed.With the little black chip in place, your cellphone looks, feels and performs at its optimal level with zero interference. The Bodywell chip can be placed on the surface or in the battery case of any mobile device. 

Airtube Headsets

These Air Tube headphones reduce your exposure to mobile phone electromagnetic radiation (EMR) by up to 98%. Traditional ear bud headphones put the speaker inside your ear. This means your brain is exposed at very close range to the speakers magnetic field and any radiation that travels up the headphones wire.

What is an Air Tube Anti Radiation Headsets?

Air tube headphones utilise an 25cm hollow tube between the speakers and the ear buds so the sound is transmitted through air only, allowing a safe distance between your brain and the radiation emitted from the phone. Sound is delivered to your ear with almost zero EMR.

Why These Air Tube Anti Radiation Headsets?

We tested over 20 different types of radiation reducing Air Tube headphones. While all of them will reduce radiation exposure, we discovered that many had very poor (muffled) sound quality and/or poor construction, or do not fit in ears comfortably.The Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones we offer you here were clearly the best value for money in this category. The sound is clear and they also have a good strong bass when listening to music.These Air Tube Headphones will work on most models of mobile phone that use a 3.5mm jack. iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC etc.

Features include: 

  • Reducing radiation exposure by up to 98% 
  • Excellent sound quality 
  • Answer calls and hangup using the function button - no need to touch your phone
  • Much harder to tangle than traditional wired ear bud headphones
  • Three different sizes of silicon earbuds (3 pairs) included
  • Alligator clothing clip
  • Compatible to all major 3.5 mm pin mobile devices •