About Us


Lifestyle Safety evolved rapidly as a natural progression without too much planning.
My name is Peter and I would place myself in the ‘normal’ bracket if there were such a thing. What is clear when looking back is my genuine care and concern for the wellbeing of people. I love technology and like most people, was completely unaware of any digital risks. The more I began to learn on this topic, the more my personal concerns were raised for those most important to me – my wife and two young children, aged 5 and 3.

Beginning to now

I joined the family business who had expanded Blushield to the UK and Europe with a mission to relieve EHS (Electro hyper sensitive) sufferers through the Blushield products. I quickly learnt that this was more than just a band aid for those suffering from this not yet recognised condition, but an amazing piece of technology that can be used to prevent the cause.
Rather than encourage people to go and crawl under a rock and rebel against the digital age (because let’s face it, that’s just not practical), the natural progression from Blushield grew to working in alignment with the evolution of society. In a rapid expansion I began to source what I believe to be the most effective and stylish products from around the globe that are acting as a bridge between the protection of our wellbeing and today’s digital lifestyle – Que Lifestyle Safety.

Looking forward 

While campaigns, belief’s, research and debates continue on this topic, we feel comfortable offering these solution based devices for people, plants and animals to better cope with our ever changing digital world.
Our aim with Lifestyle Safety is not to instil fear, but instead to inspire people to take positive action that will create a legacy for our children and generations to come.