Baxter Blue Testimonials

"My family purchased a pair of Baxter Blue glasses just over a couple of weeks ago and not only do we love wearing them we feel they are definitely taking the strain off our eyes from computer/iPhone screens. I have three Children who are on their screen a lot, whether it be for school or pleasure. One of them was suffering headaches on a regular basis and has not suffered from a headache since wearing the glasses.

They look great and offer a number of fashionable styles to suit everyone. They take a bit of getting use to when you first start wearing them but we have all adjusted to them over time.

I would definitely recommend Baxter Blue glasses for your family.

Tessa Blaiklock

“What a game changer! I’ve only been wearing the glasses for a week now & have already noticed a huge difference. My sore, tired eyes are gone. I love them & will be recommending them to all my friends that are on screens all day.

Kristy Jones - Director

“I love the style of the glasses and after wearing them for a few days I have definitely noticed how much better my eyes feel after a long day in front of the computer. 

Kate Malakou

 THANK YOU! My eyes love you! Baxter Blue you have made my work days so much better. My glasses are not only classy but give my eyes the rest they need after staring at my computer or iPad as i research and create for my job. I love them and will be ordering for my 3 munchkins soon! 

Naomi Sipus - School Pride Accessories

“I’ve seen a huge reduction in eye strain since I bought the Clarks. I’d typically leave the office with blood shot eyes/blurred vision (noticeably when I’d use my mobile on the way home from work) there is defiantly a measurable difference. Good price & I think they look great.

Daniel Walsh - Southern Cross Austereo

 I study from home and run my own business from home and I am always getting watery eyes and extremely blurry vision after too long looking at the screen and since I got these for Chrissy my eyes have been sooo much better! I love them! 

Asha Ariel

“My son Sam is determined to be a YouTube star – so he spends a lot more time on screens than I’d like. He sometimes complained of itchy, dry eyes, and when the chemist suggested the screens might be to blame I was worried. But his Baxter Blue glasses have saved the day - he no longer complains about his eyes, and I’m certain he’s sleeping better and is more focused at school. Plus, he loves wearing them - he thinks he looks even cooler in his YouTube videos!

Sara Howard

 When I got them I didn't expect any results straight away, I was just hoping to reduce the end-of-day headaches I get from staring at different screens all day. BUT, as soon as I put them on I felt a difference straight away! Plus, they make me look smart.  

Ida Stormvall

I've only had these badboys for a week now, but what a difference they make! These Baxter Blue glasses are designed to reduce eye strain caused by prolonged screen time exposure and they absolutely work! No more headaches or red painful eyes at the end of the day and I think they look great! 

Do yourself a favour and get a pair, they are amazing!”

Lucy Haddy

 I bought 2 pairs for my children, they use screens so much for homework, my daughter's headaches are gone, thank you so much! Would recommend to anyone with tech head kids! 

Tracy Duquemin

Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how great your glasses are!  

I bought a pair a few weeks ago as I was slowly returning to work after a decent concussion left me struggling to look at screens for a long period of time. I fully credit your glasses for helping me return to work and reducing my eye strain while I was healing.  

I have even told my physio and OT about the Baxter Blues I bought and they think they're amazing, will be looking into purchasing some themselves and recommending to other head/eye injury clients to look into buying some as well.  

Keep up the good work, I'll certainly keep wearing mine even when I'm fully recovered :)”

Ashley Tvrdeic

 Not only do these bad boys from Baxter Blue protect my eyes, but they are super stylish and I'm pretty sure my future self will thank me later! 

Jasmine Abel - Stay Driven

 My BBs have improved my ability to concentrate, my eyes are no longer tired or irritated after a long day at work - plus they look great! 

Pattond Studios

 Been using my Baxter Blues for a couple of weeks and my eyes feel so much better after staring at a computer all day. Definitely worth it. 

Kate Barnett