How Does It Work?
Quite simply when you plug-in a Blushield or switch on a portable it starts emitting a symphony of frequencies within the human responsive range. The body will then respond to the Blushield products rather than your Wi-Fi, smart meter or mobile phone. This is called sympathetic resonance. Your body would much rather respond to natural frequencies than man made EMF, whatever shape or form they come in.
Blushield makes typical Schumann devices (7.83Hz earth resonance devices) look old school. The types of devices on the market today seem to be using the same technology which we proved to be ineffective long term back in the 90’s. The Technology behind Blushield is the most advanced EMF protection on the planet. Developing this technology has taken the best part of 25 years and over 2 million dollars to develop.
Our aim was to develop an EMF protection device that would work with everyone, not just some people and to ultimately protect people from the health effects of EMF. Something which we could prove scientifically using blood tests, evaluate and duplicate. We also knew that for most people to be able to afford protection we had to market a device that would be affordable to the average person, unlike so many other devices currently available.
The best product at the best price is something we wish to maintain.
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