Gift of Giving

Conscious Business 

Doing no harm

It is generally agreed upon that the product or service of a conscious business should not be intrinsically harmful to humans or the environment. However, it is possible for such a business to be taking part in the conscious business movement if it is taking conscious steps to be more aware of its social and environmental affects, and to adopt more beneficial social or environmental practices.

Triple Bottom Line Model

Most conscious businesses subscribe to a Triple Bottom Line model of success. They aim to provide positive value in the domains of people, planet, and profit.


This is what distinguishes the entity as a business from the general social enterprise. The degree of understanding or "consciousness" of any conflict of interest between the profit motive and social goods varies widely from the standard sloganeering capital accumulating firm to those who seek nothing more than break-even to pay for their operations, are completely employee owned, etc..


A conscious business seeks to benefit both the external livelihood as well as the internal lives of its shareholders and employees. Furthermore, the business seeks to benefit all stakeholders including manufacturers, affected communities, and humanity at large.


A conscious business will seek to minimize its impact on the environment, and replenish the environment where it is able. 

How we Contribute

Blushield - Donate to Environmental Health Trust

We make a 5% monthly donation from our sales of Blushield to the scientists  we believe are in the industry for the right reason. 

This is their goal:

As a leading scientific non-profit, Environmental Health Trust is launching a capital campaign to raise global awareness on the health risks of cell phones and wireless radiation, educate the public on reducing exposures, and promote protective policies.

Baxter Blue - Giving the gift of sight

Your purchase makes an incredible difference to a person's life! For every pair of Baxter Blue glasses you purchase we will provide a person in need a pair of reading glasses.

We are excited to partner with RestoringVision to give the gift of vision to those throughout the world who would otherwise not have access to glasses. RestoringVision are a not for profit organisation who since 2003 have distributed over 7 million pairs of reading glasses & sunglasses to people in need.

Vision is one of our most important senses. It impacts one’s ability to interact with the environment and other people. 2.5 billion people worldwide suffer from uncorrected vision impairment. 544 million people only need reading glasses, but live in developing countries with limited or no access to glasses.

By providing a simple pair of reading glasses you can immediately and positively impact a person’s life, the well being of one’s family and community, and the global economy at large. Help us on our mission for better vision on a global scale.