SafeSleeve was founded in California by two Engineering graduates (University of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) with a desire to make a difference. They wanted to develop a product to help simplify, protect, and enhance the lives of their increasingly busy, tech dependent peers, family and friends. This is apparent in the highly efficient and useful, yet stylish designs and branding of SafeSleeve products.
The Original SafeSleeve with Anti-Radiation Technology was developed as a stylish and convenient solution for a problem with increasing knowledge and awareness: Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and its harmful effects on our health.  While studying as undergraduates in the Student Union Building on campus, both Cary and Alaey were required to work diligently into the night to complete their projects and coursework.  At the same time they saw how many fellow students either sat on the floor or in a chair, with their laptops on their laps, unaware of the imminent radiation dangers. They discovered these hard-working students who use their laptops are exposed to constant EMF laptop radiation, and need protection during laptop use.
And so began the engineering of SafeSleeve with the goal to provide its users safety, convenience and style.
The unfortunate truth is that the convenience of being able to use a computer anywhere, anytime often causes many of us to ignore the associated consequences. This is not unlike the emergence of other groundbreaking products, such as asbestos and cigarettes, whose deadly health effects were not apparent until many years after their introduction.
Each day our vision of a safer world for laptop users continues to grow.  As Electromagnetic Radiation awareness heightens, the need for SafeSleeve protection continues to grow for students, expecting moms, families, business people, or any consistent laptop user.