SafeSleeve Testimonials


I couldn't be happier with my SafeSleeve! Best money I've ever spent on a case/wallet

-Mitchell R.

I've had my case for about a week and it's exactly what I was looking for. It's very easy to answer phone and talk through the case and I feel protected. The fact that I can carry my debit card is a huge plus for me. It's just great and my phone is always protected as well.

-Dana B.

I got this in beige and it's gorgeous soft leather. Supple, very sturdy and well made. I bought this for two reasons 1) radiation protection AND 2) RFID protection. Where can you find the two most important types of protection in one product?! SS really is protecting the essentials! My essentials and my health! Thank you!
Best $ 50 I have spent for peace of mind, all while receiving tons of compliments! Job well done. Keep up the great work!

-Niki C.

 I love this case. Style is functional and good-looking. Sound quality is excellent for speaking and listening. Have purchased this iphone case for two gifts and both parties are really impressed and happy! Thank you so much for creating a smart, good-looking case to protect everyone from this common, constant source of radiation!!

-Nancy B.


My SafeSleeve may as well be glued to the bottom of my MacBook Pro. Since buying it a few months ago, the two have never been apart. The SafeSleeve provides a stable (and cool) base for laptop work, and it lets me store my Mac quickly and easily so it's protected from household hazards like spilled drinks, ketchup swipes, and the occasional pillow fight. I bought one for each of my kids, too.

-Julie W.

I bought two of these for my kids laptops a couple of years ago now and they are still looking like new! Fantastic quality, they are light for transportation but really solid enough to protect the laptops. I love the included mouse mat which has been very useful. I was so impressed with the laptop cases I bought 2 phone cases too!


I noticed a friend using the sleeve between his laptop and his body and was so impressed with the ingenious invention of this multi-functional,ANTI-RADIATION case, that I immediately ordered one in black . 

I travel a lot , and love the protection the sleeve gives my laptop and then of course, while sitting at airports , I can safely now use my laptop on my lap ....

the sense of relief and peace of mind has made me a VERY happy customer!


A sleek, multi- purpose laptop case ,that serves as protection for both my laptop and most important, ME!!!!

I love the fact that I am able to sit with my laptop on my lap and not feel the heat... and, knowledge that I am not absorbing radiation due to this military grade technology, gives me such peaceful satisfaction!


-Eleanor K.